MojoJojo is the alias under which Award-Winning Producer/DJ, Akshay
Johar, produces ‘Bass’ music, which is instantly recognizable as his distinctive brand of crossover music.

Out of nowhere, MojoJojo has taken the electronic music circuit by storm and broken from the throng of young producers in the country. In a short span of a few years, he has generated a strong fan following by consistently releasing quality, critically acclaimed content.

In 2014, he put out his first EP, titled ‘Bass Bahaar’, an ode to the 90’s popular Bollywood music and followed it up with his sophomore effort, ‘Shots Fired’, in 2015. This 9-track album, released on Times Music, put him on the Electronic music map in India. With its eclectic range of music and collaborations, ‘Shots Fired’ won over fans and critics alike.
His track ‘Storm’ got nominated for the ‘Best Electronica Track ‘16’ at the GIMA Awards, where he rubbed shoulders with giants like Midival Punditz and Nucleya in the same category. ‘Thar Bomb’ from the same album, won him ‘Best Electronica artist in 2017 at the ‘Radio City Freedom Awards’.

Having played multiple instruments like Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar and having been in various bands over the years, MojoJojo developed a very diverse background in music. Equipped a keen skill and natural talent, his music are only limited by his imagination.
This steady rise to fame has seen him play across the country, in every major city and across major festivals like Vh1 Supersonic, EVC, EDC, several colleges and countless clubs.

Pushing the ‘Desi Bass’ envelope in the Indian music scenario, MojoJojo sampled a multitude of elements from across the Indian Diaspora, examples of which can be heard previously in ‘Thar Bomb’, where he sampled nomadic desert tribes, Baba Ramdev’s teachings in ‘Yogic Jogging’ and Tibetan monks chanting in ‘Nepal’.

2017 will see MojoJojo further develop his signature sound, with the single, ‘Shankar’ and the subsequent EP, ‘Rudra’.
Rudra, a concept album dedicated to the various forms of Lord Shiva was created by blending samples recorded in the holy town of Hardiwar, India and contemporary electronic elements.

With tons of new music lined up for release, 2017 is going to be massive year for this young artist!